Sunday, September 10, 2006

Highlights of Mongolia with Gobi

: One way flight and driving program

Duration: 7-12 days

Day 1

International arrival at Buyant-Ukhaa airport and transfer to your hotel.

Day 2

At the pre-arranged time in the morning you will meet your guide and driver to drive towards Karakhurem on the way you will see the Khogno Khaan Mountain. This is about 4 hours drive from Ulaanbaatar. This mountain, at an elevation of 1967m, is perfect for hiking and there are some remains of an ancient monastry on top of Khogno Khaan mountain that should be explored. After this we will drive to Kharakorum the ancient capital of Mongolia. There is a small local town there now. On arrival, the first and the most obvious landmark is that of massive walls of Erdene Zuu Monastery. This Monastery was built in 1586 and is surrounded by a vast 400m x 400m wall. Now a single nail was used in the construction of the ornate temples, only few of which remain standing after the communist purges. We will visit this monatery. (lunch at the Mon Altai Ger Camp, overnight at the Urgoo Ger Camp and Dinner)

Day 3

Today you will drive towards the Gobi desert. The scenario will change into vast open steppe that meets with horizon at the edge. There will be occasional nomadic families gers in distance. You will have a packed lunch on the way and in the afternoon, you will come to a ger camp by the Ongiin river, where you will stay for the night. There is a ruin of Ongiin Monastery nearby which you will visit also.

Day 4

Today you will continue driving to the Red flaming cliff at Gobi Bayanzag. First discovery of dinosaurs eggs, as well as bones was discovered in this area by the famous American expedition of the 1920’s. there will be a chance to meet local nomadic people and visit their gers. Overnight at the Bayanzag ger camp.

Day 5

Today you will drive west along the Altai Mountain range until we reach Khongoriin Els. Reaching heights of 800 m, these are Mongolia’s largest sand dunes. Mongolians they are called it “singing dunes” because of the tons of sand which shifts in the wind, making unique sound similar to that of distant aircraft. The drive is about 6 hours long. Overnight at the Tuvshin 2 ger camp.

Day 6

Today we will drive to Yoliing Am (Eagle’s Valley). This is a long valley with high cliff walls, which shade some areas of the valley floor from the sun for entire year, allowing the stunning ice sheets to form. We will walk through the valley, you may be lucky enough to spot wild sheep and Ibex grazing high on the cliff walls. The valley is also full of soaring eagles hunting for prey. At the opening of the valley is a Natural History Museum displaying interesting information about the animals of the area. Overnight at Tuvshin 1 ger camp.

Day 7

After a relaxed breakfast, you will be driven to Dalanzadgad with your guide and to take a local flight back to Ulaanbaatar. The flight takes one and a half hours and your guide will accompany. On arrival, you will meet our driver and taken to city, there you can do some shopping and sightseeing. For the evening, you will see folk song concert followed by dinner. Then transfer to airport for your international departure.

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